Note: The above price is just an example, email us for details and price on your custom design.

Here at 3 Monkeys we use the fashion designer paradigm which includes Couture, Boutique, and Artisan products.

Though most of our production amps fall under the Boutique category, we enjoy doing the impossible / one-off / crazy Couture designs as well.

We’ve created one-off amps for Rogers Stevens (Blind Melon), Graham Whitford (Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown), Jimi Hazel (24-7 Spyz ), Brad Whitford and Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Elvis Costello, and a host of other pro and semi-pro players. We also build pedalboards, cabinets, pedals, interfaces, etc.

Your budget and imagination are the only limits. Whether a unique circuit design or just a crazy covering, if you are interested in a custom design, contact 3 Monkeys today…

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