Super Orangutan

A 100 watt four 6L6 version of the Orangutan. Thunderous!!

Same specs as our regular Orangutan, but with a four TAD 5881 (small bottle 6L6) power section. For those of you who like the Orangutan tone, but need BIG power (and BIG transformers). We can also add an optional MASTER VOLUME.

The Super Orangutan has the same unique six position rotary VOICE switch. The VOICE switch changes both the gain structure and the tone as you rotate it clockwise. The VOLUME control interacts with the VOICE switch to produce shimmering cleans and smooth overdriven tones. The BASS is more like a global low frequency control, while the TREBLE acts as a cut. The LIFT switch disables the BASS control to provide boost and clarity. ROOM is our focused reverb, no surf wash here. While this amp is a no gain monster, it is rooted in the classic tones of 70s rock. Not trying to specifically mimic any one amp the Orangutan has it’s own distinctive voice, suited to both stage and studio. Play it LOUD and PROUD!!


  • Four 5881 (6L6) Power Tubes for approx. 100W
  • Three ECC83 Preamp Tubes
  • Optional MASTER VOLUME
  • Custom Transformers by 3 Monkeys
  • Hand-wired Preamp / Poweramp / Sockets /Pots /Jacks
  • Footswitchable ‘Lift’ Control for Boost and Clarity.
  • Mil Spec Components
  • .090 Aluminum Powder-Coated Chassis
  • Highest Quality Chassis Mount Tube Sockets
  • GR-10 FR-4 Circuit Boards
  • 3 Spring Reverb Tank
  • Uniquely Shaped Solid Ply Cabinet (no rectangles here)
  • Crushed Glass Faceplates with Industrial Silkscreen
  • Made by Hand in Raleigh, NC USA
  • Black Tolex (Custom Colors and Suede available)
  • Weight: Approx 44LBS
  • Head Box Dimensions: 21.75”x9”x8.25”
  • Upcharge for custom color Tolex (see colors) or Suede is $50-$225. Contact us for a quote.

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