Grease Monkey II

The new GREASE MONKEY II is the same as our original GM, but now includes a MASTER volume.

The GM II is an unbridled four EL84 amp with a distinct British voice featuring a switchable HI/LO INPUT GAIN and a MASTER volume control.

The low end of the pre amp is regulated by the SHAPE control giving three choices: 1-Bright, 2-Regular, and 3-Meaty. The CUT attenuates the high end and is bypassed when turned fully counter-clockwise. The BASS controls the overall low end, while the TREBLE knob acts on the overall high end. The VOLUME manages the loudness of the pre-amp and there is zero negative feedback making the GREASE MONKEY II incredibly harmonically complex.

(Please note, the GM II replaces the original Grease Monkey).


  • Four EL84 Output Tubes
  • Three 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • 30 Watts Output with Master Volume
  • Zero Negative Feedback
  • Custom Transformers by 3 Monkeys
  • Selectable Shape for Bright, Regular, Meaty
  • Hi/Lo Input Gain response
  • Mil Spec Components
  • .090 Aluminum Powder-Coated Chassis
  • Highest Quality Chassis Mount Tube Sockets
  • GR-10 FR-4 Circuit Boards
  • AC Input - 120V, (220-240V and 100V (Japan) available)
  • Uniquely Shaped Solid Ply Cabinet (no rectangles here)
  • Crushed Glass Faceplates with Industrial Silkscreen
  • Made by Hand in Raleigh, NC USA
  • Black Tolex (Custom Colors and Suede available)
  • Weight: Approx 34LBS
  • Head Box Dimensions: 21.75”x9”x8.25”
  • Upcharge for custom color Tolex (see colors) or Suede is $50-$225. Contact us for a quote.


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Owners Manual

The Grease Monkey II Quickstart Guide

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