Zé Limited Edition

The Zé (pronounced Zay) is our spin on the 100W José modded Marshall’s as played by many of the top players in the 80′s. Gain, gain, and more gain!! (Note: We accurately blueprinted an actual José modded amp from our vintage collection. This is as close as they get.)

We start off with custom iron and tons of filtering (keeps it tight). The amp has the following controls: PRESENCE, MASTER (pull clip), BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE, GAIN I, VOLUME I, JUMP (connects the two channels in a unique way), and VOLUME II (inserted into one of the inputs, just like a modded amp) . It also has a TUBE EFFECTS LOOP with SEND/RETURN controls. The cabinet is built exactly like they were in the 70′s, with a little 3 Monkeys styling.

Note: Photos are of the Prototype (black tolex) and of the first amp from the Limited Run (red tolex), some controls have been moved and/or renamed. Functionality is the same.


  • Four 6CA7 Output Tubes
  • Presence
  • Master (Pull Clip)
  • Bass
  • Middle
  • Treble
  • Gain I
  • Volume I
  • Volume II
  • 5x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • Tube Effects Loop
  • Custom Spec Transformers (that's some BIG iron!)
  • JUMP switch for jumping the channels together
  • Gold Plexi Panels with Vintage Style Lettering
  • Black Tolex is Standard
  • Upcharge for custom color Tolex (see colors) or Suede is $50-$225. Contact us for a quote.

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