Limited Edition run of the amp Brad Whitford uses with Aerosmith.

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In 2009 one of our dealers called asking if we could build their customer a unique version of the 3 Monkeys amp that Brad Whitford had been using since 2006. We rose to the challenge and not only built one, but six of these unique amps. Each has the same specs and race car style graphics, but we did a number of different head box cosmetics to suit each customer. Brad even grabbed a pair to take on the latest Aerosmith tour (2014). Cesár Rosas of Los Lobos has also been seen gigging with his.


  • Four TAD 5881 (6L6) Power Tubes for 119 Watts
  • Three ECC83 Preamp Tubes
  • Custom Transformers by 3 Monkeys
  • Hand-wired Preamp / Poweramp / Sockets / Pots / Jacks
  • .090 Aluminum Powder-Coated Chassis
  • Custom Two-Tone Silkscreen Graphics
  • Mil Spec Components
  • Highest Quality Chassis Mount Tube Sockets
  • Uniquely Shaped Solid Ply Cabinet (no rectangles here)
  • Master Volume
  • Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble EQ Section
  • Two Interactive Gain Knobs (1st and 2nd Stages)
  • Made by Hand in Raleigh, NC USA
  • Weight: Approx 40LBS
  • Head Box Dimensions: 21.75”x9”x8.25”
  • The Purple Sparkle head box was painted by ROWYCO KUSTOMS.

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