No longer producing Amps

May 19, 2019

As per the previous post, we have run out of our custom materials for building amplifiers. Leaving these pages up for reference only. Please visit us at our Solderless Cables site to see what we are currently up to.

Limited Production Of All Current Models

October 14, 2016

You'll notice that all current models are now in limited production. That means when the chassis' and parts for these models are gone, we will cease production of these amps. We have parts for all models, so don't hesitate to contact us with an order.  Currently we are working on some new projects and a complete redesign of cabs and chassis' as well as a few surprises.

Moving the Shop

September 01, 2015

Just wanted to inform everybody that we we are in the process of moving the shop to a new location. We are open and business is running as usual, we're still designing/building/shipping amps. If you need to contact us please email

Rogers Project Completion

July 13, 2015

The amp has been completed and has now been under testing for a few days… It has surpassed my expectations.

Rogers Project Main Board

July 11, 2015

Board is now in and wired… Ok ……….extra bonus points to anyone who finds what may be "out of sorts"… I know we have some tech minded individuals here… Where is waldo???? Go to our Facebook Page for the discussion.


Rogers Project Input Jack Wiring

July 10, 2015

When we last saw the amplifier the board was just dropped in. Before wiring it all up I like to get the input jacks in. These are plastic insulated jacks as found on most British amps. They are plastic to insulate them from the chassis and allow for any point in the chassis to be used for grounding the input. I am going to tie them to the quietest point which just happens to be located directly under them.


Rogers Project Wiring

July 09, 2015

Here we see the progress made on the Rogers Stevens amp. This post is more photo heavy as I feel I have said quite a bit already today.



Rogers Project Lead Dress and Circuit Design

July 09, 2015

Before going on to todays progress reports I thought I would take a minute to say a few words about lead dress and circuit design. For some this is repetitive and for others it will be eye opening… But I really think everyone can benefit from these truths. MORE --->


Rogers Project Ground Planes

July 08, 2015

This is the chassis just after attaching the xformers, sockets, and ground plane points. Lots a wiring to follow. Take special note of these ground plane points, they are located in many different parts of the chassis. MORE--->


Rogers Project Gold Plexi Panels

July 08, 2015

Panel time. What we have here is a reverse engraved gold plexi panel, hot off the laser.

Rogers Project Circuit Wiring

July 07, 2015

Lets just keep rolling on this… Rogers' amp!! This is the circuit card in progress.. here I am attaching the leads before putting the card into the chassis. MORE --->



Rogers Project Transformer Magic

July 06, 2015

Progress continues on the Rogers amp… MORE --->


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