New Virgil Video Demo

August 05, 2011

Our test pilot monkey, Pete Petty, came by the shop last week to check out the Virgil. So we decided to shoot some video…

Pete (who is one of my favorite players) has been playing an Orangutan as his main amp for over a year now. He wanted to see how a Virgil could be incorporated into his existing rig. Also, he wanted to try some cabinet options, so we whipped up a couple of our new square cabinets, one with a 2×12 baffle and one with a 4×10 baffle. He brought some Eminence Tone Spotters (12″) and Ragin Cajuns (10″) with him to load up for the demos. This is the first of the video clips from Pete we will be posting. View video here.

Also in News

No longer producing Amps

May 19, 2019

As per the previous post, we have run out of our custom materials for building amplifiers. Leaving these pages up for reference only. Please visit us at our Solderless Cables site to see what we are currently up to.

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Limited Production Of All Current Models

October 14, 2016

You'll notice that all current models are now in limited production. That means when the chassis' and parts for these models are gone, we will cease production of these amps. We have parts for all models, so don't hesitate to contact us with an order.  Currently we are working on some new projects and a complete redesign of cabs and chassis' as well as a few surprises.

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Moving the Shop

September 01, 2015

Just wanted to inform everybody that we we are in the process of moving the shop to a new location. We are open and business is running as usual, we're still designing/building/shipping amps. If you need to contact us please email

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