Fredrik Lundgren

June 22, 2017

Fredrik Lundgren is a guitarplayer/composer from Sweden.

He has toured and played with a wide variety of artists like: Nicke Borg (Backyard Babies), Anika Nilles (German drummer), Jill Johnsson, Brolle, Samuel Ljungblahd, Mikael Rickfors (The Hollies), Gunhild Carling, Georg Wadenius (Steely Dan, Blood, Sweat And Tears), and TV- performances behind some of the biggest artists in Sweden.

”When I first tried the 3 monkey amps, I was blown away by it ́s great sound, unbelievable response and unique character that always delivers a ”cut-through the mix” sound, without getting harsh or sharp sounding. The amp also delivers great headroom and bite, due to it ́s portable size”.

"The great design and the stunning retro look of these amps are completely awesome."

"3 Monkeys Amps are not only great studio-amps, they are also tested and tweaked countless hours over and over at live shows - both at big arenas and smaller clubs, to work as a the ultimate amplifier you need live (that never loses clarity and delivers great tone)."

"I'm playing a lot of different styles musically (depending on the artist), and these amps gives me a big sound-palette, everything from Country, Jazz, Fusion, Pop and Rock."

Check out Fredrik's "Tex-Mex" video featuring his Sock Monkey 18 here.

Gear Used:

  • Sock Monkey 18/12 combo
  • Orangutan Jr. Head
  • Orangutan Head
  • Orangutan 1x12 Cabinet