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  • Orangutan Jr.

    This is an all new amp model, with its roots in the circuit of its big brother The Orangutan.

  • Organ Grinder

    With a classic NOS 5879 pentode pre-amp tube and a dual 6V6 power section, the Organ Grinder has a unique yet familiar tone.

  • Sock Monkey 18/12 Combo

    Same great Sock Monkey tone, now with 18W of output & a 12″ Celestion Greenback.

  • Sock Monkey 18 Head

    The Sock Monkey 18W is now available in head and matching 1×12 cab.

  • Sock Monkey 1×10 Combo

    Our killer small wattage 1×10 combo. Now discontinued in favor of our SM 18/12.

  • Zé Limited Run

    The Zé (pronounced Zay) is our spin on the 100W José modded Marshall’s as played by many of the top players in the 80′s. Gain, gain, and more gain!!

  • The Orangutan

    The Orangutan is a dynamic four 6V6 amp with a unique six position rotary VOICE switch.

  • Grease Monkey

    The new GREASE MONKEY II is the same as our original GM, but now includes a MASTER volume.

  • Virgil

    Note: Now an instant collectors item due to pressure from Virgin, we’ll be redesigning the Virgil soon…

  • Orangutan 1×12

    Same great Orangutan tone in a 1×12 Combo.

  • Super Orangutan

    A 100 watt four 6L6 version of the Orangutan. Thunderous!!

  • BW 119

    Limited Edition run of the amp Brad Whitford uses with Aerosmith.

  • Couture

    Here at 3 Monkeys we use the fashion designer paradigm which includes Couture, Boutique, and Dept. Store products.

  • Trap 2×12 Cab

    Our uniquely shaped 2×12 features two 8 ohm 3 Monkeys speakers.

  • Square 2×12 Cab

    Closed back Square 2×12 for those wanting a more British sounding cab. Pairs well with our Virgil head.


Gordon Kennedy

Gordon Kennedy is a Grammy Award-winning songwriter, musician, and producer.


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